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Since 2007, we’ve been perfecting our approach for app development. Over the years, we’ve learned to eliminate complexities from the app development process.

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The team behind the awesome

Born and raised in Ohio, our "Top Chef" Lou brings midwestern core values to the world of software development. His talented team consists of strategists, designers and nerds within the tech industry focusing on high quality processes, best practices and standards. Our expertise lets us build robust, polished apps that are up to spec, but it’s our passion for creating new and meaningful user experiences that keeps us thriving.  We have offices located in Chicago, Brooklyn, Orlando and Palm Beach Gardens.  Contact Us Today!

Lou Yumang Top Chef - Palm Beach
Nicholas Kemp Co-Founder
Celeste Yumang PM Director - Palm Beach
Simone Tobias Product Strategist - Chicago
Jennifer Rocha Product Strategist - NYC
Kevin Nguyen Product Strategist - Orlando
Faye Simbulan Project Manager
Kim Diaz Project Manager
Emmanuel Jusay HR & Office Manager
Ulyses Rico Senior Software Engineer
Argel de Mesa Senior Software Engineer
John Alcher Doloiras Software Tech Lead
Michael Flores Creative Director
Emar Agustin Creative Director
Glen Manese Talent Acquisition
Camelle Banes UI / UX Designer
Mik Bayaborda UI / UX Designer
Jhunry Voloso UI / UX Designer
Dustin Jardinero Project Manager
Eduardo Iglesias Software Engineer
Marc Portuguez Software Engineer
Jerome Camacho Software Engineer
Daphne Del Rosario Software Engineer
Joshua Orogo Software Engineer
Chris John Mulingbayan Software Engineer
Ronan Cristobal Software Engineer
Charles Mira Software Engineer
James Obrero Software Engineer
Reyan Dela Cruz Software Engineer
Catherine Faulan Admin Assistant
Apple Mararac Finance
Jon Priola Software Engineer
Jan Quiambao Software Engineer
Ben Garcia Software Engineer
Rafael John Balayo II Software Engineer
Alyssa Marie Bejar Software Engineer
Julius Concepcion Software Engineer
Bryan Hernandez Software Engineer
Mark Marasigan Software Engineer
Lorenze Martin Software Engineer
Mr. Bear Stress Reliever
Ariel Catli Software Engineer
Denniel Mordeno Software Engineer
Genesis Bertiz Software Engineer
Ian Landingin Software Engineer
Jorge Lacea Software Engineer
Joy Victoria Software Engineer
Rie Akane Software Engineer

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Amazon EC2

Amazon RDS

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