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We’re DWM and we have been mastering the art of awesome for over 14 years! How’s that for experience?


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Do you or your company have an idea for an app?

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Codes, IP access, you name it.

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Do you or your company have an idea for an app?

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s not a single, definite answer for that.  If someone gives you a quote on the spot or relatively quickly, run the other way!  App development depends on various factors such as features, design, and promotion.  A software engineer can provide accurate timelines upon reviewing fully vetted app prototypes (all use-case scenarios defined). Fully vetted prototypes eliminate assumptions and guesswork which will save you time, money and ultimately stress.   Reviewing vetted prototypes allows developers to estimate hours for three main components for every screen on the app: User Interface, API Creation and API Integration. These are the important hours used to accurately predict a product release date and estimate cost. Since no coding was done at this point, you can add or remove features depending on your launch date to reduce cost.  A mobile application can be in the range of $10K to $50K+. 

We can tell you about how awesome our team is but it’s really our unique software approach that makes us an exceptional partner. Here are some of the things you might like about working with us:

- You’re in control. At every phase of development, you get to have control over your app. We align every week throughout the project so there are literally no surprises.

- Everything’s under your name. Everything is yours -- codes, IP address, domains. Even from day one, you have full ownership of the project. 

- We’re honest. We’ll disclose every detail of your project’s progress so you’re never kept in the dark.

- We go beyond apps. Yes, we can market your app so you can have the full package.

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