About DWM

12 Years

Agile software development team, that's us!

We're DWM and we're always up for creating something awesome. In fact, we've been mastering the art of awesome since 2008. How's that for experience? Our diverse team's expertise spans across many industries so you know we have everything covered.

The people behind the awesome

We are strategists, designers and nerds within the tech industry. Our expertise lets us build robust, polished apps that are up to spec, but it’s our passion for creating new and meaningful user experiences that keeps us thriving.

Lu Yumang Top Chef
Nicholas Kemp Co-Founder
Celestina Yumang Project Manager
Simone Tobias Product Strategist
Glen Manese Talent Acquisition
Dustin Jardinero Project Manager
Kevin Nguyen Product Strategist
Emmanuel Jusay HR & Office Manager
Marjorie Ybanez President
Michael Flores Frontend Engineer
Emar Agustin UI / UX Designer
Camelle Banes UI / UX Designer
Jhunry Voloso UI / UX Designer
Argel de Mesa Senior Software Engineer
Ulyses Rico Senior Software Engineer
Eduardo Iglesias Software Engineer
Marc Portuguez Software Engineer
Jerome Camacho Software Engineer
Daphne Del Rosario Software Engineer
Joshua Orogo Software Engineer
John Alcher Doloiras Software Engineer
Chris John Mulingbayan Software Engineer
Ronan Cristobal Software Engineer
Charles Mira Mobile Developer
James Obrero Web Developer
Reyan Dela Cruz Web Developer
Catherine Faulan Admin Assistant
Apple Mararac Finance and Legal Affairs Officer
Bear Stress Reliever

Tools We Use

Swift Objective-C Java Python Django Git
PHP NGINX Digital Ocean Amazon EC2 Amazon RDS

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