Case Study

Aces High

Design and Development B2C

Aces High Tattoo shops pride themselves on amazing artwork and customer experience. When their existing waiver form solution wasn’t meeting their needs, DWM stepped in. After visiting the shops, talking with staff and reviewing their processes, we set out to create a React Native Based Electronic Waiver Form.

Customers can now go to multiple locations and sign a digital waiver form that contains basic medical and session information while capturing ID details and their electronic signature. The forms are stored on secure servers and allow Aces High to securely house client data, and when you run nine shops, you need to make sure you can pull a customers records at a moments notice. The app also uses unique identifiers to pull a returning customers data, so that their next visit is painless (at least as far as filling out the waiver form goes)

The Aces High App is currently only available when you go into their shops, but we are already planning new ways to engage their clients and create a standard that can be used throughout the country.

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