Case Study

Accident Consults

Design and Development

The only app we’ve built that we hope no one has to use. When you’re in an auto accident it’s hard to know where to turn. Accident Consults created an iOS, Android and Web application that connects accident victims to the the legal and medical help they need.

During the creation of the app, the clients business model pivoted from its original goal as an accident documentation application to that of a robust, nationwide directory. DWM moved strategically with the client to focus the user on getting help, simplifying the accident report, and creating a seamless user experience based on location. As the business needs expanded, we were able to accomodate Accident Consults’ needs and expanding vision into their market by also creating solutions for the Attorneys and Medical Providers on the application.

Our strategy enabled us to plan for future releases that coincide with the business goals and feedback of users to create a unique entrant in the referral directory marketplace.

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