Case Study

2 Minute Rule

Design and Development

As people age, they seem to want to go on about medical ailments, family, politics and more. Enter Phil Harding and the 2 Minute Rule. Phil had created the 2 Minute Rule as an icebreaker in conversation, and frankly, away to keep annoying conversations short. After going the novelty keychain route, the client was disappointed with the sound quality and appearance of this gadget.

DWM took the 2 Minute Rule Concept and planned out a way to bring his idea to iOS devices.

Starting with a fun and intuitive design, we created an outline that played off of the humor of the sound bites (including a 2 Minute Countdown Timer) that engaged and delighted users. We used our Discovery, Design, Develop, and Deploy strategy to make sure the product while simple in nature, was robust and complete.

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